Friday, May 18, 2012

Restaurant Review - Eli's BBQ

Rob and I celebrated our big 1 year anniversary on Monday. Our big gift to each other was our Mexican Vacation.. and since our anniversary fell on a Monday this year, we decided to do a low key little anniversary dinner at a place we've been dying to try...Eli's!

You can eat the tunes on an old record player and the voices of the friendly waitress and chef...

Or outside in the park on the picnic tables

ooooh and it's a we grabbed some fun beer to have with the bbq!

Happy Anniversary to us!

On to the food... I got the hickory smoked turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and jalapeno cornbread.
The turkey sandwich was absolutely perfect. The homemade sauce, the bun, the turkey, the slaw...this was the perfect sandwich... I am not a HUGE fan of a super smokey taste, but this had a perfect hint of smoke without being over the top. Absolutely delicious.

 The sides were good, but paled in comparison to the sandwiches... the mashed potatoes were good and were broiled on the top for a nice crispy little crust

The cornbread was good, but I am more of a fan of a really moist cornbread or would have loved some butter to slather on this guy...

Another beauty shot of this delicious sandwich

Rob got the Eli's pulled pork sandwich...if you really do like that super smokey flavor.. I would recommend this guy that had a lot more of that than the turkey. Rob absolutely LOVED this sandwich..

Rob got the jalapeno grits and the coleslaw...except he only got to eat about a third of the grits since I pretty much snatched them off his plate after one taste.I have been having dreams about these grits since we ate them on Monday night. I wish I was lying. I think about them multiple times a day. I want to have them again asap. They were super creamy and had a little jalapeno kick. They were serious business. I hope we can see each other again very soon.

The coleslaw was good, a little runny for me, but what's a bbq without a slaw?


I think this is pretty obvious but when we go back the turkey sandwich and grits will be mine... We might have to split a lil rib or two to try those out next time too. If you haven't checked this place out yet, grab some frosty beverages and go check it out...or maybe don't so it won't be busy next time I go... up to you I guess..

Afterwards we headed to Graeters for a couple of scoops of ice cream in Hyde Park Square (buckeye blitz for him, black raspberry chip for her)... I love spring..this weather has been fantastic...

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Emily said...

I didnt know you were such a fan of grits! You've gone country! :)

Monika Borua said...
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Nancy said...

Food & Wine Magazine named Eli's one of the Midwest Best New BBQ restaurants!! I can't wait to try it, let's go for lunch this week.

Sohbet said...
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modern farming said...

Awesome Pics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!