Thursday, May 17, 2012

1 Year Wedding Anniversary

Rob and I celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary this past Monday, so I thought I would do a little picture re-cap of our big amazing day...

 We saw each other for the first time that day in Piatt Park under a slight drizzle :)

I do!!!

Can you tell I love purple? :)

We've come a long way
and baby
you know I hope and I pray
that you believe me
when I say this love will never fade away

oooh because
you are the best thing
you are the best thing
you are the best thing
ever happened to me....."

And then....we danced!!

 I hope that I will never forget the way I felt this day...
Everyone I love, traveling from near and far to sit in one room to witness our commitment and share in our joy... it was truly the absolute most amazing day of my life....but I know there are many more amazing days to come....

Here's to lots and lots (and lots) more happy anniversaries!

All the pictures included in this post were taken by Bob White of White Photography..

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