Friday, May 18, 2012

Restaurant Review - Eli's BBQ

Rob and I celebrated our big 1 year anniversary on Monday. Our big gift to each other was our Mexican Vacation.. and since our anniversary fell on a Monday this year, we decided to do a low key little anniversary dinner at a place we've been dying to try...Eli's!

You can eat the tunes on an old record player and the voices of the friendly waitress and chef...

Or outside in the park on the picnic tables

ooooh and it's a we grabbed some fun beer to have with the bbq!

Happy Anniversary to us!

On to the food... I got the hickory smoked turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and jalapeno cornbread.
The turkey sandwich was absolutely perfect. The homemade sauce, the bun, the turkey, the slaw...this was the perfect sandwich... I am not a HUGE fan of a super smokey taste, but this had a perfect hint of smoke without being over the top. Absolutely delicious.

 The sides were good, but paled in comparison to the sandwiches... the mashed potatoes were good and were broiled on the top for a nice crispy little crust

The cornbread was good, but I am more of a fan of a really moist cornbread or would have loved some butter to slather on this guy...

Another beauty shot of this delicious sandwich

Rob got the Eli's pulled pork sandwich...if you really do like that super smokey flavor.. I would recommend this guy that had a lot more of that than the turkey. Rob absolutely LOVED this sandwich..

Rob got the jalapeno grits and the coleslaw...except he only got to eat about a third of the grits since I pretty much snatched them off his plate after one taste.I have been having dreams about these grits since we ate them on Monday night. I wish I was lying. I think about them multiple times a day. I want to have them again asap. They were super creamy and had a little jalapeno kick. They were serious business. I hope we can see each other again very soon.

The coleslaw was good, a little runny for me, but what's a bbq without a slaw?


I think this is pretty obvious but when we go back the turkey sandwich and grits will be mine... We might have to split a lil rib or two to try those out next time too. If you haven't checked this place out yet, grab some frosty beverages and go check it out...or maybe don't so it won't be busy next time I go... up to you I guess..

Afterwards we headed to Graeters for a couple of scoops of ice cream in Hyde Park Square (buckeye blitz for him, black raspberry chip for her)... I love spring..this weather has been fantastic...

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

1 Year Wedding Anniversary

Rob and I celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary this past Monday, so I thought I would do a little picture re-cap of our big amazing day...

 We saw each other for the first time that day in Piatt Park under a slight drizzle :)

I do!!!

Can you tell I love purple? :)

We've come a long way
and baby
you know I hope and I pray
that you believe me
when I say this love will never fade away

oooh because
you are the best thing
you are the best thing
you are the best thing
ever happened to me....."

And then....we danced!!

 I hope that I will never forget the way I felt this day...
Everyone I love, traveling from near and far to sit in one room to witness our commitment and share in our joy... it was truly the absolute most amazing day of my life....but I know there are many more amazing days to come....

Here's to lots and lots (and lots) more happy anniversaries!

All the pictures included in this post were taken by Bob White of White Photography..

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mexican Vacation - Secrets Capri

A couple of weeks ago we were in Sunny Mexico for vacation. I spent a lot of time getting excited by reading other vacationers' reviews, so now that we are back to reality, I figured I would share our thoughts on the beautiful Secrets Capri in the Riviera Maya...

A 30 minute ride from the airport, we arrived to cool lavender scented towels and glasses of champagne at check in. We got through our super easy check in and headed to our rooms...

If you are really bored you can check out this random video I made while waiting for our bags to arrive if you want to see our room

Anyway, next up here are some pictures of the resort:

We went with our friends Stephanie and Bill... our recommendations are get the shrimp fajitas from the inside lunch place and the tacos and ceviche from the outside lunch place. Also for the love of God please don't eat cheeseburgers IN the pool...just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it.

Our favorite dinner restaurant was by far Portofino where we enjoyed four course Italian meals...

I've noticed that the smaller/fancier the resorts get the kind of more lacking the shows and nightlife are....but that was ok with us.... I think our favorite nights were the night of the celebrity impersonator show and Karaoke night at "Desires" nightclub.... so if you go, try not to miss those nights :)
You can probably skip Pirate Night and not miss any sleep over it....

Ok, we've talked about let's talk about the really fun thing about all inclusives...the delicious tropical drinks....our crowd was most interested in:

  • Trying the drink of the day every day
  • Delicious wine to accompany our multi-course nightly meals
  • Iceberg- A beer with a mixed drink on top (don't knock it until you try it!!)
  • Everyday. At.Breakfast. Absolute heaven for me. I had these every single morning...and converted a fellow traveler or two :)
  • Delicious and beautiful pre-dinner cappuccinos..
  • and of course lots of vacation champagne :)
  • Not pictured (but still enjoyed)
    • Pacificos with lime
    • The Bull (A Bill Sabo favorite that was rum, pineapple juice and beer)
    • Pineapple juice and Rum
    • Anything in a martini glass
Another thing I have to mention is that the service was absolutely impeccable. They really make you feel incredibly special and important here...your drinks never get halfway empty without someone making sure you have another on the way... I have never heard the words "my pleasure" so much in my life as at this resort...everyone was just there to make sure we had the best vacation possible. From the waiters to the bartenders to the woman that cleaned our room (twice a day mind you) we felt totally and completely pampered all week...

Overall we had a fantastic time and I think all of us would recommend this resort!