Monday, April 30, 2012

Restaurant Review - Burnell's

Last night we headed downtown to try the newly opened Burnell's. They are located in the old Mayberry space on Vine Street...and while I'm happy for Mayberry to have moved onto bigger things...I really missed the niche that Mayberry left open in that small, cozy, creative little byo on vine street... We checked out Burnell's menu and it sounded delicious so we headed downtown to check it out..

The restaurant space is very similar to the old Mayberry Space layout wise, but the art, etc has all been changed out....

A friendly waiter brought us menus, a wine opener and some glasses and told us to feel free to take our time and order one thing at a time (my favorite way to eat)... All of the small plates are $12 (or 3 for $33)...and then there are some sides for other various side dishes..

We started off with the 
Roasted Wild Mushrooms, Baby Arugula Salad, Granna Padano & Challah Toast Points

 Yum, the toast points were salty and garlicy and the arugula was dressed with lemon and a sort of parmesan cheese...This was like a little tasting plate of my favorite foods... I put the arugula and mushrooms on Challah bread...totally delicious. I would definitely order this dish again..

Then we were accidentally eavesdropping on another couple that asked if they could buy some of the soup of the day to go, so I struck up a conversation with them and they highly recommended it, so next we ordered a cup of that... according to the waiter it was a traditional Irish vegetable stew with the American addition of some tomatoes. It was topped with a delicious spinach pesto...
It was perfect for the cold rainy night we were having...

 Next up we ordered the chicken..specifically:
Herbed Crispy Skin-On Amish Chicken Breast, Colcannon Potato Smash

 Yum, the potato smash was topped with some kind of red cabbage/bacon/bacon drippings situation and the super tender chicken had a little piece of delicious crispy skin on top. Another awesome and different dish..

Next up we ordered the Osso Bucco
Lamb Osso Bucco, Braising Jus, Root Vegetable Puree

The lamb was cooked really nicely but the real winner on this one was root vegetable left Rob and I both wishing we had a spoon to eat the leftovers out of the bowl. Holy crap this puree was good... SO.

We finished our night with some shortbread cookies and coffee and it was the perfect way to end the meal...each of these plates of shortbread cookies was $1... One was a shortbread with pomegranate and the other with coffee. Rob preferred the pomegranates while I was partial to the coffee, but both were really good.

 This place has been officially added to our short list of go-to do yourself a favor and get down to Vine Street and try it out!!

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Dexter said...

We've been eyeing Burnell's and it sounds like you've solidified our curiosity to try it out. Thanks! Great photographs too.

Jen Lilley said...

Yes! Definitely try it out. And thanks.. I think the booth by the front window has excellent light for photographs :)