Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in review

What a year!!! 2011 will definitely be a year I will always many highlights!!
Here are a few of them....

Rob and I turned 30 years old and celebrated with a "30 is the new 20 party" where we drank cheap beer, played drinking games and encouraged people to come in whatever they wore the most when they were 20.... we also tried to dig pictures of the people we knew when they were 20 out and hang them up for everyone's viewing pleasure :)

I celebrated my upcoming nuptials with 2 showers and a Chicago bachelorette party with some of the bestest gal pals a girl could ever hope for... 

We hosted our second family Easter at our house in unseasonably gorgeous weather....and a couple of weeks later we got married in downtown Cincinnati!

The next day we were off to our two week honeymoon that also marked my first trip to Europe and both of our first cruise!

We wrapped up the year by spending Thanksgiving in California and a day up in Sonoma winery-hopping with Rob's parents....

and celebrated Christmas in Cincinnati

There were so many fantastic things in between including tons of beautiful babies being born this year.....lots of birthdays celebrated with friends...and of course some heartbreaks too.. but all in all 2011 was pretty darn good to me and I'll always remember it....

Last night I got to welcome 2012 in with some pretty cool people I'd say so far we're off to a pretty good start in 2012!


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