Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas

This year for Christmas....Santa brought me a brand new computer! ...and I decided to put it through its first test run by putting together my first little imovie with my sister...

From my family to yours....Merry Christmas!!

Enjoy :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmassy Weekend in Instagram Pictures

We had such a holiday filled weekend!

Friday night we headed down to OTR to attend this year's Christmas Saengerfest, which basically entailed multiple choirs singing at various venues downtown in OTR including Memorial Hall and a couple of beautiful churches I had never been in. We have been having such a mild winter (again) so far that it was nice to just throw on a coat and walk around to see the lights and churches and choirs...

First, we headed over to Fusian to have a quick pre-saengerfest dinner.

Then walked through the beautifully lit up Washington Park to Memorial Hall

Where we got to watch both the Cincinnati Boys (training) Choir and the YPCC perform Christmas carols

Then we grabbed a cup of hot cider and made the walk to St Francis Church to check out the live manger scene and the Cincinnati Men's Choir (they were awesome!)

After the final show, we headed over to check out the new Christian Moerlein Brewery...

and then back to Taste of Belgium for dessert and a cup of coffee
This is a gingerbread waffle with peppermint whipped cream and a crushed candy cane garnish....

The rest of the weekend involved wrapping/shipping gifts, a yoga class, a fun dinner out with friends, some Christmas cookie baking and a big family Sunday dinner with my aunts/uncles & cousins.

Peanut Butter Cookies with Dark Chocolate Hershey Kisses
Love this time of year!! ...and trust me I am not complaining about this ridiculously mild winter we're having (last night I didnt even wear a coat) but I am still hoping for SNOW on Christmas...nothin like a white Christmas!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Early Thanksgiving

This weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving #1 with family and also had an amazing baby shower..

It was quite a weekend filled with delicious food and quality time. I am so grateful that we have family that will drive/fly so far to come celebrate with us!..not to mention all of my family in town who made the time to come shower Baby E with gifts. This little girl is already totally spoiled and adored and Rob and I feel SO very blessed for that.

Anyway, here is a quick(ish) overview of our weekend.

Rob and I whipped up homemade pizzas Thursday night and then Friday was filled with shopping/prepping for our big Thanksgiving meal...later we picked up my sister in law from the airport and headed to Ruthai's for some sushi and spicy thai food.... check out this spread.. (Christina is a sushi ordering extraordinaire)

Even though we were stuffed we had to head over to Graeters to get our Cincinnati virgin a big scoop of black raspberry chip ice cream, which she naturally thought was fantastic along with the rest of us.

The next day we had another set of travelers in town who drove all the way from Boston and got in late the night before. Since we now had 2 kids with us, we decided to head over to Lunken Airport to get our lunch on at Sky Galley...because what kid doesn't want to watch airplanes take off and land as they lunch..right?

They have a nice menu for a crowd (a little of everything), so everyone was able to find something they wanted and afterwards we headed outside to watch some planes take off.

Some of us ran off our lunch a little bit (oh to have a fraction of their energy!)

and take some pictures with the grandparents...

After a quick stop for some last minute needs at whole foods (I think some of my in-laws love going to the grocery store almost as much as me!) and starbucks, we headed home to get our thanksgiving cook on.

Our Thanksgiving was quite a spread:

"enjoy with friends"
What was supposed to be a small semi-Thanksgiving dinner turned into a full blown Thanksgiving dinner with all the (delicious) fixins and lots of delicious leftovers. So much fun!

Sunday my cousin and Aunt threw me a family baby shower!
I picked up the ladies from the hotel and we headed over...

While the menfolk did manly non baby shower things...

I didn't get nearly enough pictures of the event, but suffice to say my cousin and aunt are amazing and everything from the food, decorations, guests, adorable gifts and one paretty sweet diaper cake were all pretty much perfect.

diaper cake!!!
By far, the cutest shower gift!
best gift assistants ever :)
very spoiled baby :)
cute (and functional) decor!
tired little life of the party
grateful (and nervous!) parents to be!

Such a great way to kick off the holidays!
Hope everyone has an absolutely fantastic Thanksgiving with your family & friends!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby Updates - Nursery

Well last week I told you we were down to t-100 days until Baby E's scheduled arrival (today marks 93 for anyone out there keeping track - which equates to about 13 weeks and 2 days according to one of my many baby tracking apps) Oh and she's also apparently about 2.2lbs and the length of a cucumber. Crazy, no?

Anyway, we have been doing some nursery stuff around here!
Once I found out we were having a girl, I started looking around the internet for stuff that I liked and slowly but surely we have been putting bringing to life my little "baby mood board" I'm going for a calm & pretty white, grey, purple with a few other fun colors thrown in.

Here is Baby E's mood board... what do you think?

Now with some of the items in the room it is getting to feel so much more real! It's kind of crazy to pass that room every morning and see a crib and a rocking chair sitting in it just waiting :)

To see how the nursery ended up turning out and where everything is here.

In other baby news I have the best friends ever and the lending and gifting of baby items has just been so generous and overwhelming. It seems so silly to me  to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on things that a baby uses (or wont use) for 3 months that is sitting in boxes in other people's I'm so lucky/blessed that I have friends who are happy to pass things on.

Last night I took my friend Nicole out to dinner to thank her for this haul of stuff

Seriously, is this the craziest pile of stuff ever. She won't take money and despite my efforts of trying to force feed her cocktails and dessert at dinner she was a ridiculously cheap date. We sat at dinner for 3 hours talking, it was so nice to catch up with her without husbands/babies or even just other people around. It was a good reminder for me that once we have our little one here and as much fun as it is to get everyone together, one on one time with friends can be soo nice (and needed!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We have dinner with friends planned on Saturday so look for an actual restaurant review coming soon!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nesting - Chair Upgrade

When we moved into our house from Rob's condo, Rob had 4 barstools that he used at his breakfast bar.

When we moved into this house, we decided to get a high top table so we could continue to use the barstools ....

and also because I thought it would be easier for groups of people to stand around when we had get togethers.

They work out great, but they are white...and were starting to look a little dingy... I tried everything to clean them including one time when we were getting our carpets professionally cleaned, asking them to clean the stools....this actually made them even worse because then they had these weird yellow water lines on them...

This weekend we finally decided to do something about it and decided to try our hands at re-upholstery.
Here they are now.... don't they look happy and cheery with their new makeover? Love them..
and it was even easier than I thought it would be...and definitely got easier with each chair.

What do you think? Major upgrade, right?
Let the nesting continue!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

100 days

I promise part two of our Asheville trip is coming, but today something crazy happened. My iphone counter that I'm obsessed with using to count down the days to everything (birthdays, vacations, holidays, friend's weddings, etc) told me today that our baby is due in 100 days. Now, obviously I realize that means this baby could be here sooner or later than that, but her expected arrival date is exactly 100 days from today. Crazy. (ps this post was written on Friday 10/26 and published a few days late :) )

Pregnancy is full of little milestones. First time you hear the heartbeat, first time you get to see a peek of them during your sonogram, finding out if they are a boy or girl, feeling her kick for the first time, baby showers, nursery decorating, hospital bag packing etc etc. 100 days away. So close yet so far away :)

This week we took apart our pretty purple guest room, one of my favorite rooms in the house. We moved all the furniture to the basement where I am going to try my hardest to set up a cute guest room down there for friends (and especially little sisters who move to different states) to stay whenever they want to.

Yesterday, Rob touched up the paint on the baseboards from the furniture that has been in there, today we are getting the carpets professionally cleaned....tomorrow, a pretty new rocking chair is getting delivered... the chair we will rock our baby girl to sleep in every night. Forgive me, another milestone.. baby's first rocking chair :)  I must have sat in 75 chairs before deciding on this one. Well actually I probably sat in this one first, then 75 while thinking about this one, until I finally sat in it again and bought it. Love at first sight.

A couple of months ago the crib I had been eyeing went on sale on some random online website so my mom placed the order and it and it showed up on my front porch a week later. It has been sitting in the garage in its box for a while, but this weekend might be the weekend it comes out to make its debut.

This weekend is also another "milestone" the infamous glucose test everyone talks about.

I'll keep you updated!