Thursday, December 29, 2011

Restaurant Review - Take the Cake

Christmas Eve morning I met one of my bestest friends, her boyfriend and her brothers for brunch in Northside at Take the Cake... I was excited because I have been wanting to try their brunch for a while... I sometimes have an issue with going out for breakfast ... (unless it's with friends or for a specific reason) mostly because I have an issue with paying $10 for two eggs, toast and coffee that I could most likely make better at home and would cost me about $1/ the kind of brunch places I like are when the food is different than the normal eggs/toast/pancakes type fare and more creative kind of stuff.... that is definitely take the cake.

The restaurant was cool with high ceilings, exposed ducts and the menu written on giant chalkboard.... and the tables were big long wooden tables mixed with smaller tables....perfect for large groups of breakfast goers... The coffee was self serve and tasted great and the employees were super friendly, helpful with the menu, cleared our plates when we were done and let us sit and drink another cup of coffee and catch up with our friends without rushing us out.

I had the Cuban biscuit with a poached egg, swiss cheese, local ham, pork tenderloin, mustard aioli, onion, jalapeno and cucumber..... It was really delicious....the mustard aioli was something I would buy a bottle of... really just every bite was different and interesting....ham with the runny egg yolk, pork with the mustard, the really flavorful melty swiss cheese.... this is my kinda brunch.

Rob had the Steak & Egg with black beans, chimichurri, guacamole, feta & cabbage slaw
I didn't try any of his but he said "the meat was cooked perfectly and was easy to cut and it was just the right amount of spice for breakfast time."

Both meals were between $8-$9.... and something I will be definitely back for...
Also if we didn't have ten thousand Christmas cookies at home I would have been excited to take home some of the yummy looking things in their bakery we will definitely have to be back for that!

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