Friday, November 18, 2011

Restaurant Review - Orange Leaf

We made an afternoon visit to the new Orange Leaf yogurt in Hyde Park Plaza over the weekend... It was bright and happy and full of lots of fun colorful furniture....

You grab a cup and fill it up with whatever yogurt flavors you want...they have everything from birthday cake to strawberry to snickerdoodle...

add add all the toppings you want (they have fresh fruit, nuts, chocolate, smashed up candy bars, etc etc)

afterwards you weigh your dessert and pay (49 cents an ounce) -for reference, mine was about $2 and Rob's was over $ it really just depends on how much yogurt you want- my one request would be to give a smaller cup option...they were huge and I know you can obviously just fill it up less...but I think it would be nice to have a smaller cup..

I ended up with half (nonfat) strawberry and half peanut butter with a topping of a few chocolate chips, some fresh strawberries and a sprinkling of butterfinger... It was really good. The strawberry was especially good..very light and fruity...and I like the idea that I can just get a tiny bit if that's all I want...

I still prefer yagoot to almost any ice cream dessert I've ever had...but Orange Leaf is not really's just different... I would definitely be back....and with plenty of outdoor seating I think it will be a very popular place come next spring/summer.

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