Monday, November 14, 2011

Restaurant Review - Habits

I can't believe I haven't written this review yet. Habits is right down the street from me and we spend a lot of time there..... I would describe the food as higher end reasonably priced bar food...and the beer selection as excellent.  The new patio outside is the perfect place for a sunny lunch or happy hour and the inside is full of friendly bartenders and familiar faces. It is also really fun to watch weddings get out late night on the patio and watch all the bridesmaids/groomsmen (and usually the bride and groom too)- walk across the street from the 20th century theater for a little afterparty.

On this particular day it was a little bit chilly but the kind of day that was perfect to be outside as long as you were in the sun and wearing a jacket. I had a california club, which included big generous pieces of avocado and a side of fries. Their ranch dressing here is homemade (I think- and if it's not I would like to know where I can purchase some) and absolutely delicious, so I recommend getting a side of that with almost anything that is dippable. The bread was perfectly toasted and the turkey was fresh...

My sister got a grilled cheese with bacon and tomato and a side of sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries come with a side of apple butter to dip them in which is also very delicious, but just a little too sweet for me, so even these I like to dip into my favorite ranch.

Overall, Habits is a great place that just got better with the addition of this beautiful patio. They also have great burgers, quesadillas, etc... this is a go-to place for us for day or night.

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