Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The City Flea- Factory Flea Edition

A couple of weeks ago Emily, Rob and I visited the City Flea, which is normally located downtown, but the week we went had taken a special field trip to Northside to the old can factory....

From the City Flea website:
The City Flea is a place for the city's countless creative minds and skilled hands to share what they are working on or collecting. The flea serves as a venue for social interaction amongst the already burgeoning local community of entrepreneurs, artists, and enthusiasts. It is a new common space for city dwellers who are strolling after brunch, walking the dog, thirsty for coffee, hungry for lunch, on their way to Findlay Market, or just looking for someplace to hang out. It gives people from areas surrounding the city a unique urban experience and opens their eyes to what is going on around town. The goods will speak for themselves once the eyes have arrived.

Here is our day in some pictures I took around the event.

animals made out of old metal cool

creative & delicious quesadilla truck

streetpops trolley 
chocolate sea salt and kettle corn street pops (kettle corn tasted JUST like kettle corn- so unique and fun!)

very open space filled with sellers selling all kinds of wares

so much fun craft inspiration

DJs playing music

goat cheese, spinach and pine nut quesadilla...ridiculously delicious

cool artwork of different neighborhoods around town
 I definitely want to try to get to more of these next year..such a fun afternoon!


jenn said...

omg i want that quesadilla

laurdye said...

What is the name of the neighborhood artwork vendor? I want one!

Jen Lilley said...

Hey Lauren! You can email her at: Her prints are so fun and colorful!