Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sacred Heart Ravioli Dinner

Last year around this time I read a little about a local Italian Catholic church with a seriously delicious ravioli dinner that happens 2 times year, and once was this past Sunday. I put it on my calendar months ago and when this weekend finally came, I was so excited to see what all the excitement was about... I read that there were two lines... a take out line and an eat in line...and also that many times the eat in line was shorter than the take out line. Emily, Rob and I had a late breakfast and skipped lunch and were out and about so decided to hit up the event at around 3...thinking that maybe there wouldn't be such bad lines since it wasn't lunch or dinner time really.

The takeout line was full of people holding their own large stockpot, which they will get filled up with delicious homemade ravioli and take home to their family. (you can buy fresh or frozen) We decided to go for the full experience and eat in. Here was the eat in line when we got there:

The inside was a MAD.HOUSE. Tons of long tables..very close together...we got seated at a table with some nice people and chatted a little bit with them about the food.

 The dinner includes a small salad, bread, a plate of ravioli, spaghetti or "half and half" and a little ice cream cup with a store bought cookie on top....the salad, bread and cookie are fine, nothing special..the main event is the delicious ravioli...tender and stuffed with ground veal, pork, spniach and ricotta cheese and served with tomato sauce that's summered slowly in huge pots. The ravioli is totally worth the somewhat disorganized service and young church goers possibly hitting you in the head with their trays while going through the maze of tables... If we hadn't spent all of our cash on getting in ($12/person)- then I would have gotten a couple of boxes of the frozen ravioli to save for a rainy day...they were really delicious... next time I will have to plan ahead!

This year was their 100 year anniversary! That's a lotta years of ravioli!

Besides the loudness of a church auditorium with a ton of people running around in it..there was also this Frank Sinatra impersonator....  We barely even talked to eachother...we were taking it all in..

 Already counting down the days until Palm Sunday so we can do it again :)

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Nancy said...

Jen, Isn't it delicious? My brother and his friends have been going for 23 years and he always picks up a ton of the frozen ravioli to share. As a matter of fact that is what we're having for dinner on Saturday after our Family's Annual Pumpkin Carving. I'm making the meatballs, my niece is baking bread, my sister is making salad and we'll all enjoy Ravioli and Red Sauce from Sacred Heart.