Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Patchin'

Saturday Rob, my sister, her boyfriend and I headed out for a cool ridiculously hot fall day at the pumpkin patch. The drive was beautiful...even though it was 85 degrees out, it still felt like fall driving the back roads with all the colorful and falling leaves.

I brought the fancy new camera and took lots of fun fall pictures....

There were a ridiculous amount of pictures to put your head through (seriously this is a very small percentage of put-your-head-through cut outs that were at this farm.

and this port-o-let complete with pants-less legs which we all got quite a few pics in...but Brett is the only one lucky enough to get his on the internet :)

There was this cow with a seat inside of it which I still don't completely understand...

and lots and lots o' PUMPKINS
We took a hayride through the woods...
and picked out the perfect pumpkins..

Then got lost in a 7 acre corn maze that apparently looks like a train from the sky.
Even though the day was more bottles of cold water and looking for shade than chunky sweaters and hot cider, we still had a great fall day at the pumpkin patch! At the end of the day we got caramel apples the size of our heads and a bag full of farm fresh fall all in all I would say the day was a success....

Happy Fall Everyone!

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