Monday, October 24, 2011

Cheers to Art

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated our friend's birthday at Cheers to Art in Madeira... The basic concept is that you go and the teacher breaks down a painting into (very) basic steps for you so that you can paint an exact replica of the picture. You can just go in on an open night, or you can plan a private party (lots of groups at work have done this and have fun paintings hanging in their cubes). Stephanie, however just bought a new house and took all the paintings home with instead of all painting the same thing, we painted whatever we wanted and she is going to have a super fun friends and family art display in her new house!

The couple that owns this place is absolutely awesome. It's so fun to go somewhere where the people are so passionate about what they do. The woman that runs the place is so artistic, friendly and helpful.. and her husband was so nice to chat with afterwards...

Here are some pictures of the night!
Cute lobby and bar.... I heard a glass of wine unleashes the creativity :)

Colorful inspiration to use in your paintings

Including a kids corner! (kids get the shapes drawn onto the canvas with pencil to help them out a bit)

Birthday girl!

We hung out, had some wine and painted our canvases

  Here are some of the pieces Stephanie took home at the end of the night

If you have an event to plan or are just looking for something to do on a random night, definitely check this place will have fun and come home with a new work of art for your house! So fun :)

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