Friday, September 9, 2011

Fountain Square Beerfest

Rob and I are doing our favorite kind of volunteering tomorrow night...slinging beers :) Come down to the Fountain Square Beerfest tomorrow to have some fun and to see us (we'll be working a booth- not sure which one yet- from 5-10pm)  Hope to see you there!!

BeerFest Details:
Friday: 5-10pm
Saturday: Noon – 10pm
Sunday: Noon – 8pm

The first Cincinnati Beer Fest actually held IN Cincinnati! ­Cincinnati has a long and proud tradition in the brewing of beer, and the Cincinnati Beer Fest brings local dis­tributors and brewers together in one place for a beer tasting and sampling event. 3-oz beer tastings are only $1 (or $2 for higher-priced brews), and there is NO ADMISSION FEE!

In addition to over 150 different flavors of beer, patrons will enjoy live music plus multiple food and merchandise vendors.

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