Friday, September 30, 2011

Dilly Cafe Wine Tasting

Lately I've been kind of into twitter. I don't say much... I just like to listen....and then unfollow celebrities that talk way way too much. (sorry fabio from top chef)- anywhoo..the other morning I was having coffee and tweet reading and I saw that the Dilly Cafe was doing a wine tasting.... we love the Dilly Deli and Mariemont, so we decided to head East to try out the tasting....
 They had a nice selection of wines picked out, including a sparkling red which I had never tried before and actually really enjoyed.... felt like a "wintery champagne" to me if that makes any sense. Most sparkling reds are made in Australia and are Shiraz...this one was a little different at 50% shiraz, 25% cab and 25% malbec. I will definitely want to taste more of those in the future.

The tasting was fun and the area it's in naturally encourages random people to talk to eachother. We ended up chatting with a couple of different groups about beer brewing, local restaurants and farmers markets.... all of our favorite topics :)
 The Dilly also has a a little wine shop and an extensive selection of beer that you can get....and every kind you can take one out of the 6 pack and buy individually....

Here is an excited Rob with his Pumpkin Beer Sampler 4 pack.

 It was a fun little Saturday afternoon activity! We will definitely be back!

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