Thursday, August 4, 2011

Restaurant Review- Tom + Chee

yay, I finally got to Tom + Chee after months of wanting to go!
I was out with a new co-worker so didnt want to go too picture crazy, but it's a cute little place on court street with menus written on huge overheard chalkboards filled with every possible grilled cheese combination one could ever imagine. Like seriously. You imagine it, they have the sandwich. You can add things to your sandwich like bacon, pickles, potato chips, make it like your mom used to make you...or you can get it fancy with brie, bleu, etc etc. I want to go back again and again to try different sandwiches and make someone with similar tastes to mine split sandwiches with me so I can try even more. YUM

My co-worker mentioned he was getting the mushroom, onion and swiss on rye and that sounded so good I decided to do the same...oh and also I made it a combo and added some creamy tomato basil soup. (even though it was approximately 5 MILLION degrees outside) but how can you not get soup with a grilled cheese?!

Anyway...onto the food...
Here is the sandwich

This sandwich was SO GOOD. The thick toasty rye bread was a little salty (in a good way)..the cheese was melty, the red onions still had a little crunch and the mushrooms were cooked perfectly. The sandwich was a little greasy, but it's a grilled cheese for heavens sakes...they are grilled in butter....anyway, next time if I get the soup I think I would just get a half sandwich since this ended up being a lot of food. Can't WAIT to go back and try the others....oh yeah, the soup. It was thick and creamy and I thoroughly enjoyed it ...and a grilled cheese without tomato soup just seems....unnatural.

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