Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Camera!

I came home earlier this week and this beauty was on my stoop:

So I started playing....

Pretty, yes?
Hopefully with some more reading & practicing I will start getting good at this!

Anyone have any great sites for learning? I'm thinking I need to buy this book asap.


Nancy said...

I want a new camera!!! These are beautiful shots.

Anonymous said...

I would like to send you an email invitation to a media event when the new Murray’s Cheese Shop opens in October in the Medeira Kroger.

My email is

My blog is


Marcella Wright
Murray’s Cheese Specialist for Kroger and Fred Meyer

DOLORES said...

Hi- Just reading the foodie stuff on your blog which I love - and then went further down and came across your new present of a Nikon 3100. How awesome! Not only do I love good food, but am also a photography teacher (and photoshop too). I teach a real beginner's course at for DSLR. You would be the ideal student - you have an eye for a good photo.
My name is Dolores Russo. You can see some of my photos on And I can be contacted at
I teach this online and it's four hours (four lessons actually) for $40.
Send me an email --