Friday, August 12, 2011

My first attempt at Royal Icing

Last weekend was my first attempt at decorating sugar cookies with royal icing. I see them all over the internet looking so beautiful and professional and fun....but very complicated and scary. Well, last weekend was my good friend Krista's birthday, so I decided to to make her some birthday cookies!

I needed a simple shape and to start off with just a few colors...I wanted my first attempt to be as low stress as possible so I chose a heart from my year of cookie cutters collection, headed to the store for all my supplies, armed myself with a royal icing recipe, tutorial and a delicious sugar cookie recipe...and started baking!

I forgot to start taking pictures until too far in but you get the idea. Made dough, rolled out dough, cut dough with cookie cutters, baked cookies..... etc etc.
Made the icing, colored the icing, put the icing in tupperware containers...
ok yes I am skipping waaay too many steps..but I needed concentration! It was my first time..

Then I piped the royal icing on the outside of all the hearts to set up some lines to keep the icing in...because after that you thin the icing out with some water to give it that pretty smooth look..and the piped icing edges keep the smooth pretty icing from sliding right off the cookie.

So after all the steps mentioned above, I had these:
cute, right??

Then it was time to start attempting decorating them.
It is amazing how much, even during the course of making this one batch of cookies, how much better and more confident I got at decorating these little guys as the process went on..

I think they turned out pretty cute for my first time, don't you? (can you pick out which one Rob made? :) )

Now that I have all the supplies I am very much looking forward to attempting these again!

Happy birthday KP :)

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Katie said...

Nice work j-lil!! Told you you'll be the resident cookie maker from now on!