Friday, July 29, 2011

Restaurant Review- Skinny Pig

I have been dying to go to the skinny pig. It is owned by the same people as Mayberry and was a brand new restaurant, a byo and had a menu full of flatbreads... yes. please.So after spending the morning at the Findlay Market wine tasting (more on that later!)- we brought a couple of beers from market wines and headed to the skinny pig.

It's located in Walnut Hills right off of Madison. A little one room restaurant with about 6 tables and a small open kitchen with a few small ovens and an ice cream maker... we cracked open an afternoon beer and perused the menu..

We decided on a vegetarian and not vegetarian flatbread for a little variety...
First up: wild mushroom pate, beets, sweet & sour eggplant and a curry cucumber yogurt. ($6.99)- This was really delicious.. I think I would like it even better if the curry was a little spicy!...but it was a fun and interesting combination

Then a garlic beef, horseradish, asparagus, goat cheese and tomato chutney flatbread ($7.99)- this is essentially 5 of my favorite things in life on one flatbread so needless to say I loved this one... the tomato chutney was just delicious...

Next time I think we will order small side salads with our flatbreads to make it more like a meal ($4) During our lunch one of the owners stopped in and was chatting with us. I love asking questions about these brand new start up places and he seemed to like answering them so we chatted away for a while about how the neighborhood originally had asked them to open a little grocery store and they declined that but said they would open a new restaurant. It didn't take too much for them to move in, some tables, a small kitchen and some artwork on the wall.... I also learned from him that they were going to be grilling outside on the weekends and setting up some outdoor seating... He said they plan to grill anything from chicken to octopus and we should definitely stop by again for dinner.

soooo... we did :)
We called ahead to see if they were grilling and what they were grilling and headed over there armed with a mini cooler of frosty beverages. (a 6 pack of blue moons with orange slices chopped and neatly stored in a tupperware container to be exact)- it was little hot for sitting outside, so we grabbed a table inside.
The night's menu:

We started off with the garlic beef flatbread pictured above for an appetizer to split among the five of us...everyone agreed that it was pure deliciousness....

We all ordered the Flat Iron Steak with Arugula Salad and Lemon Vinaigrette... $10
Seriously? $10 for this whole plate of perfectly cooked steak. Seasoned simply with salt and pepper and cooked over a small charcoal grill out back. Oh summer.

On the side Rob and I split a bacon wrapped drumstick. This thing was The bacon was crispy, the meat was tender... I've never had bacon wrapped anything this always sounds soo much better in theory than it ever ends up on the plate, but this was bacony chicken drumsticky perfection.

Jason agrees:

Even though we were all full we still wanted to try some of their delicious looking desserts. so we did. Between the five of us we split this cinnamon sugar flat bread, belgium chocolate, fresh ground peanut butter and bananas.....

and this house made strawberry softserve

a little spoon of each and you are in GOOOD shape. Seriously.
Also Bernadette got really excited about the various pigs scattered throughout the store. (Spiderpig not pictured)

All in all this place is great and will hopefully change their menu around every once in a while to keep it interesting. It's a little warm in there (I think they have eventual plans to upgrade the AC)- but just make sure you dress accordingly...


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Rob said...

Another BYOB that's not Indian or Asian food in Cincinnati!!! If you like saison beers, get that six pack seen in the pics...Mad Hatter Golden Caps. It was delicious. Now I just need to find a malt extract clone recipe so I can make it myself...