Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OTR Brewery Tour

Last weekend we decided to head to Findlay Market to take the Over the Rhine Brewery Tour... Sometimes it's so fun to be a tourist in your own city and see buildings you see all the time in a whole different way...

In 1890, Cincinnati was the 3rd largest beer producer in the country by population, annually producing 4.2 barrels of beer per resident and shipping it across the country and around the world. This economic and social powerhouse was primed by the city’s excellent transportation options and fertile farmlands, and fueled by the large amount of German immigrants that comprised over one quarter of the city’s population by 1840. The immigrants who settled in Over-the-Rhine brought with them a strong brewing tradition, work ethic, and cultural identity. (source)

Anyway, I thought I would share a few pics from our tour!

Our tourguide, Jim, was very knowledgeable on the topic and very passionate about Cincinnati and particularly small businesses in Cincinnati, particularly downtown. Love that.

This was once Christian Moerlein's House!:

Old Bottling House- did you know back in the day it was illegal to brew and bottle in the same building?
We even ended up going into an old cave that was used to bottle lagers. It was a HOT day so this was a very nice part of the tour...

And of course on this hot hot day we ended the tour with a frosty beverage at the Findlay Market Biergarten while listening to some live music before picking up some food for dinner that night.

If you are interested in Cincinnati history or beer brewing history in America (or both!) you should take this tour!

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