Monday, June 20, 2011

Whole Foods Happy Hour

I've talked a couple of times about one of my favorite activities...
Whole Foods Happy Hour (or 5 after 5 as they call it) is one of my favorite Friday night activities. I thought it might be fun to walk you through a happy hour to see what it's like!

First you pay ($5- $4 if you bring back your glass from last time) and get one of these guys that will list the food and drinks you will be enjoying for the night. There is usually some kind of a theme (steak night tops my list of favorites)- and the theme in this post was Blueberries... You get 5 food and wine pairings and then a little bite of dessert and coffee at the end... let's get started, shall we?

First up was a blueberry parfait with greek yogurt and honey.... paired with a tasty sauvignon blanc... mmmmm. delicious combination!

Next up was a blueberry salsa with organic tortilla chips... it was not quite sweet but not quite savory...tasted fresh and with lots of cilantro.. Not something I would buy and eat by the bowl full but very interesting!

Next up is a fail on my part since it was so delicious I ate it before I remembered to take a picture of it... a blueberry marinated salmon.. The salmon was cooked to is my empty plate to show you how delicious it was....

Next up was a cold peaches and cream soup served with blueberry cream. Rob loved this.. I thought it was good but I have to say I prefer my soups savory.... it was paired with a nice cabernet sauvignon.. mmm

Next up was a little mini toast with ricotta cheese, mint and (obviously) some blueberries... I need more fresh mint in my life. Stat.

Lastly was pound cake with blueberry sauce and whipped cream.. a little too sweet for my palette..and possibly even Rob's ..which is saying a lot...but it was a nice little sweet bite at the end of the tasting...

And there you have it...your first ever Whole Foods Wine Tasting..
Fun, yeah?

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