Thursday, April 21, 2011

Restaurant Review- Walnut Street Grill

Last week a co-worker of mine accepted a job in Chicago so my team headed downtown to celebrate with him with a happy hour at Bartini followed by dinner at Walnut Street Grill.

I had read some very mixed reviews on the place so I wasn't sure what to expect. To set up the situation, we had about 12-15 people in our group and we were out on a Tuesday night.

The restaurant hasn't changed much since it was Bootsy's not too long ago. Some of the really eccentric flair has been taken down, but for the most part the "bones" are the same. The bathrooms still have that almost Spanish flair going on...and the sushi bar is covered with jars of pickles ... interesting...

The food is kind of like high end comfort food....with items like pulled pork nachos and chicken pot pie. They also have a "TV" dinner, which I imagine changes every night. A lot of the complaints I read about for this place was about the service. We had great service... our waitress was nice and our drinks were filled up promptly... They did pass out our food with the whole cattle call thing "who ordered the pot pie?" kind of thing...which I think the place is a little too nice for that, but not a big deal... now onto the food...

I would say everyone at our table got either chicken pot pie or pork shoulder.

I got:
short ribs in a skillet- roasted vegetables & potatoes

It was really delicious, the meat was good and the cooked carrots were clearly cooked in the meat drippings (not the healthiest way to cook carrots- but DELICIOUS nontheless)

Sorry for these terrible pictures... taking pictures of co-workers' food needs to be fast and discreet....not artful :)

Other co-workers' meals, that I didnt taste, but looked pretty darn tasty:

CHICKEN POT PIE- Tender Chicken & Gravy, Loaded with Vegetables in a Flaky Crust

ADOBO ROASTED PORK SHOULDER Crispy Grits, Fried Egg & Tomatillo Salsa

SIMPLY GRILLED SALMON Asparagus, Lemon & Olive Oil

All in all the food was really tasty (except the cornbread- don't order the cornbread)- and the menu is different and interesting.. Also it's a little bit pricey... I would like to go back and try that chicken pot pie at some point!

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