Saturday, January 1, 2011

What's Been Cooking Lately

Happy New Year!!!

Here are some recipes that have been hanging out in the que waiting to be written about... but instead I am going to just post some pictures of delicious homemade food.

....and as a couple of new years resolutions

  • lose 20lbs before my upcoming WEDDING.... (more would be nice..but trying to set a reasonable goal)
  • just be an all around healthier person...more active, healthier food, etc
  • more?

Now onto the food!!

After a trip to Melt in Northside, I tried my hand at re-creating their sweet potato coconut soup....It was tasty, but tasted a lot like my butternut squash soup... I'm thinking the light coconut milk might not have as much flavor as the full fat version..... but regardless, here are a couple of pictures of my roasted sweet potato and coconut soup with sage and crispy sage leaves on top. yummm...

Goat Cheese Pasta..... made from a recipe I got at a Whole Foods Wine Tasting...

Medium rare steak, asparagus, mushrooms and the world's most perfect cheese... mmmmm

Using the leftover steak from the night before with sauteed mushrooms and onions, the rest of the asparagus and a side of the always delicious Israeli couscous
One of my favorite weeknight meals, Tofu, kale chips and Israeli couscous with lima beans and peas... yumyumyummmm And a pre-new year's party meal:
Ina's baked shrimp scampi, with caesar salad and some garlic and herbed basmati rice...

Seasons Eatings to you and everyone you care about!

Here's to more delicious food in 2011!!

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