Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Restaurant Review- Amarin Dollar Sushi

Rob and I were craving sushi last night (let's be honest. I am always craving sushi) and decided to finally check out Amarin's Dollar Sushi Menu. (which is available Monday- Wed).

The back of this menu included all kinds of "rules" that I should have taken a picure of...including but not limited to..
  • no ordering more sushi until you have eaten the sushi you already ordered
  • to take out
  • no reservations
  • no substitutions
  • etc

Why do all sushi places always have this waving cat? anyone?

So $16 later we had two rolls and 8 pieces of sushi... While the menu is limited... I still think this is a good deal... The rolls pictured are a spicy tuna roll and a california roll. Both were good, but I think next time we'll be going for the "screaming" spicy tuna. The pieces were not as big as they sometimes can be...but for $1 each I was pretty happy...

Amarin, your dollar sushi is delicious and your service is good. We will be back.

Amarin Thai & Sushi on Urbanspoon


StandingH20 said...

Maneki Neko - the "waving cat" is actually a symbol of good fortune for it's owner. It is not waving though, it's beckoning customers and the higher the paw the more customers the owner will have.

Katie said...

You owe us a new blog!

chelsea said...

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