Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Weekend 2010

OMG I'm alive!! I will say that wedding planning has been keeping this girl quite busy lately....but not too busy to enjoy a beautiful fall Halloween weekend....

We had a blast at Krista's Halloween Party...
UNICORNS AND GLITTER!!- Flo from the progressive commercials

Saturday morning we headed north to Dayton to check out a rental company. Maybe before we made the drive all the way up I should have asked more questions as we sat in a COLD small room with more crap than you can ever imagine shoved into it. A sales lady with a winnie the pooh t-shirt and a child that would not SHUT UP topped off the delightful small town experience...

Afterwards we passed Ikea to pick up some wedding related items but unfortunately they were out of what we came for....but we somehow managed to spend a good amount of money anyway.... and I oohed and ahhed over the table decorations.... I need to have a dinner party stat just so I can set my table like this!

Then it was down to Macy's for some more wedding related fun...Registering! For those who have not done this it is super fun at first....you want it? Scan it! But after a while it gets overwhelming and STRESSFUL. Good thing Rob almost instantly knows when I have hit my overwhelmed place and encourages we move on to the next department...we can always come back. I love weddings and doing whatever I can for the people I love to make whatever I can amazing...but the thought of people doing this for me is almost more overhwhelming and emotional than I can think about!
We topped our long day off with a cold bottle of wine at one of our favorite BYO Sushi places.

Sunday I was excited for some cooking...

Some spicy white chicken chili went into the crockpot and my very first attempt at making fresh homemade bread... (well second attempt if you count the absolute disaster that was actually the first attempt)- good thing yeast comes in a three pack!

And what is chili without toppings... nothing if you ask me.

Sour cream, crackers, cheese, green onions, jalapenos and some freshly baked bread....

We feasted on this spread, dragged the firepit to the front yard and passed out candy to the kiddos.... Welcome Fall!

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Andrea said...

1. I love your Halloween costume
2. I can TOTALLY relate on how registering for gifts goes from "Oh, this is awesome!" to "OMG Get me out of here" in a flash.
3. Nice work on the baked bread! Can you send me your white chicken chili recipe?

Hope all is fabulous w/ you!