Friday, September 17, 2010

Restaurant Review- Chez Nora

This review is a long time coming as it's from Krista's Birthday back on 8/8...but here goes anyway! Chez Nora is a cute little spot located in Mainstrasse in Covington. We had a huge, loud party ready to celebrate and they couldnt be more accomodating! At the end of the night I even made a point to tell the owner what a great job our waitress did with our large group and he was proud to tell me our waitress was his lovely wife :)

Now onto the food...
First off I was lucky enough to be sitting next to Carrie, who ordered this appetizer.... I guess maybe its not on the menu anymore since I can't find on the online menu...but regardless it was enormous perfectly cooked scallops topped with a delicious sauce. The stuff underneath it were nothing to write home about but man those scallops were delicious... almost left me wishing I had those and a side salad for my meal.

For my meal I had a salad...if you can even call it that. Obviously I knew when ordering it I was ordering a salad with a calorie equivalent of a couple of big macs, but MAN was it good!!!

Filet Tips Salad:
A salad of chopped romaine lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, asparagus, bleu cheese and garlic-horseradish redskins, topped with filet beef tips

This was one delicious salad. A Salad with steak and potatoes on it?? yes please! really really good. and hearty... I definitely didnt finish it...

Rob ordered the Vegetarian Pesto Pasta:
A generous variety of sauteed vegetables, tossed in our signature basil pesto, topped with parmesan cheese

He really loved this pasta dish too... I mean what's not to love. Homemade pesto, pasta, sauteed veggies...cheese...pretty much a winner in my book!

Also- here is someone's random dish. I cant remember who's or what it is....but I'm gonna throw it in here anyway :)

Happy (extremely) belated birthday to Krista!

After dinner we headed upstairs to the rooftop deck for another drink before hitting the streets of mainstrasse for some birthday fun. Speaking of the rooftop deck, Tuesday is half price wine night and a great place to hang out and enjoy a bottle of wine with a friend... go here!

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Desi said...

This place is right near my work and I have heard great things about it. I definitely need to try it out! I LOVE scallops and those look big and yummy! I hope they are still on the menu!

savita said...
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