Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Restaurant Review- Chinese Imperial Inn

I was driving around with a co-worker for work around lunchtime the other day in Sharonville and we both started getting hungry. She was seriously craving chinese food, especially since her husband doesn't like it so she never gets to eat it....so we pulled over so I could pull out the iPhone and find the closest chinese joint. "Chinese Imperial Inn" it was and we headed there for some traditional american chinese food...

Here is the outside of the restaurant, which made me wonder if it was even still in business....but it was so in we went!

We sat down and were immediately brought a bowl of crispy noodles with two dipping sauces and a pot of hot tea... I like that!

We got a lunch special that came with either soup or an eggroll.. I went with the eggdrop soup and it was good...especially with all those cripsy noodles to use as garnish!

For lunch I ordered the boneless chicken cantonese and it was enough for this meal plus 2 more later... I could have used a little more sauce but all and all, it was pretty good cheap chinese food...

Speaking of cheap...this entire meal cost me $5.....$6 with a 20% tip. Crazy.

If you are in Sharonville and looking for a quick, cheap lunch...this is your spot...

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