Monday, August 2, 2010

Restaurant Review- Cabana on the River

Sunday night we headed down to the river for a low-key waterside dinner at "Cabana on the River"... 30 minutes later we were sitting down at a sunny table with these guys!

Check out this view....

So, the atmosphere was good and the beer was good and cold...but how would the food be?
Something we noticed immediately...everything (and I mean everything) is served on paper/plastic plates. Wine is served in plastic glasses, salads are served in plastic to-go containers and you are given a baggie of plastic silverware to eat everything with.... very interesting...

Certain things on the menu were in a yellow box, which apparantly meant "specialty items" so right away that narrowed the menu down for me to specialty items. Jenn and I ordered the beef tenderloin sandwich:

This looks a little like a mess, and it was. I'm not really sure how anyone would eat it as a sandwich....but I will say the meat was cooked nicely and seasoned deliciously. I ate the steak with my (plastic) knife and fork and snacked on a little of this bread, but left most of the bread behind.... all in all it was a great steak and a big portion for a little over $10!

Rob got the mahi mahi sandwich and also ate it with fork and knife. It was also cooked perfectly and seasoned really nicely and the fries were tasty too!

Later that night the bugs started to come out... about a million flies were all over our table and us... Not sure what could prevent this since we were outside, had food and were by the river....but there were MASSIVE amounts of them. Next time I will definitely wear some bug spray...or bring one of those nifty Off things...

Things to note: the entire restaurant is outside, so in the colder months, the whole place shuts down. On weekend nights they have live bands playing! fun! I definitely plan on coming back and trying more things on the menu.... or even just for some riverside drinks with friends.

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