Friday, July 2, 2010

Wine Sauce

We had a few bottles of half empty leftover wine from the weekend and I have been putting it to good use this week. I love sauces made with wine...they are really delicious and easy!

First off, chicken with a garlicy white wine sauce.
On the side some couscous mixed with some farm fresh sauteed zuccini, tomatoes and some balsamic vinegar....and a few slices of french baguette to smear the garlic on.

Next, some chicken picatta made with a lemony white wine sauce... I love this sauce so much I dumped it on the plate so that everything would get a little saucy...including the straight from the farm boiled red potatoes and sauteed swiss chard.... mmmm seriously cant get enough lemon!

Look how much chicken this looks like... it's actually a half of a breast of chicken! I just pounded it flat and cut it in half so I feel like I'm eating more....
This week I got a huge head of cabbage in my box....anybody out there have a killer cabbage recipe??

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