Thursday, July 1, 2010

Westfest & Wine

Last weekend we had a big day on Saturday!! We got up bright and early so Rob & Maggie could run the Hyde Park Blast. I decided to walk from our house to the square to meet them at the finish line, which is exactly one mile away. I was a little nervous about walking my first mile since the surgery but my physical therapist was actually going to be working the event to help stretch out runners, I figured if it was really that bad, at least he would be there afterwards, haha. My fears were totally eased when I got there, slowly but surely but with no pain! Then we walked home too! 2 miles before 10am felt like a huge win for me!

Then this girl showed up on our doorstep!:

We decided to go check out the greek festival and have some outdoor authentic gyros for lunch. Much to our dismay we got there at 1, parked the car and were elated with our awesome parking spot (this thing gets CRAZY) only to find out the actual festival doesn't start until onto the iphone we went to find the next best thing, which apparently was WestFest in Cheviot.... It was HOT out. Like SUPER SUPER hot. We had a beer, had some lunch (still had our gyros...whether or not they were authentic is debatable), and watched some really awesome acts on the stage (I couldnt be anymore sarcastic if I tried) I wish I would have taken some pictures of these kids on was hysterical. We played some bars and bells and other festival games and Bernadette was really excited about her celebrity siting:

Then he gave us these:

Later that night we were hosting a little wine party! Claire and Krista had won a Bacchanalian Event which ended in 50+ bottles of Chardonnay....and asked us if they could host their "chard pard" at our house.. We got to preparing lots of little wine nibblers for the party...including:

A pretty little cheese tray
(no wine party is complete without one of these!)

Some caprese Skewers
(we marinated the cheese and tomatoes in basil, olive oil and balsamic for a few hours before skewering them on these pretty skewers)

Bruschetta with toasted bread:

Some chocolate covered strawberries (not pictured)
and a big punch bowl full of fruity sangria!

We set out a collection of mixed wine glasses..totally did this on purpose for that shabby chic look...or somethin...

and had a great time!!

Look for a few recipes with wine comin up to use the half empty open bottles of chardonnay that were left in the fridge.....


Tracy said...

Dont we have a picure of me, you and B with a TJ's Big boy from the taste of cincinnati, years ago...or maybe that was the michelin tire man?!

Jen Lilley said...

1. FRISCH's big boy 'round these parts.
2. yeah, i think it was the michelin man and we had our krispy kreme hats on.. haha