Monday, July 19, 2010

Restaurant Review- Asian Paradise

My regular dogsitters (aka my parents) were out of town this weekend and I was excited to find an inexpensive and awesome substitute for them. A P&G employee who watched dogs out of her home on the weekends.....only downside...she is practically on the other side of the world from us... not really, but on Thursday at 5pm, it sure felt like it. It took us an hour to get to Maineville from downtown, but actually only about 20 minutes to get to our house from hers on Sunday afternoon after picking up the really not that bad.

Anywhoo...while we were up in Maineville, after said hour trek from downtown in rush hour traffic...we were hungry...for sushi. I spotted a place called "Asian Paradise" and urbanspooned it on my phone only to discover it's brand new, super swanky, and the three people who had been there and urbanspoon....LOVED we decided to try it out.

Don't let it's stripmall-ish exterior fool you, this place is gorgeous on the inside. So gorgeous that I had to look at a menu to make sure it wasnt way more than we wanted to spend on dinner on a Thursday night. Much to my delight, it was right on par with all of our regular sushi joints, so we asked to be seated at the sushi bar.

There are lots of reasons that if you only have two people you like to sit at the sushi is because they sometimes give you random delicious food. I am not even sure what this was, but it was super tasty:

The second is that it was so fun to watch the sushi chefs meticulously design each beautiful plate that went out. There were martini glasses that lit up, onion trees shooting high from sushi plates....even the time and effort I saw him put into a small avocado roll was so impressive!

For starters we got some spring rolls

and this Vietnamese salad that was made with Napa cabbage, jicama, peanut and cilantro. The Spring Rolls were just fine, but the Vietnamese salad was a nice suprise. Big enough for splitting (which we will remember for next time) and just a little sweet. A nice light starter for the meal.

The sushi was, as mentioned before, plated beautifully. It was fresh and delicious and we were both very impressed.

Also, the soy sauce came in this little pot, which just made me happy :)

If you are up in the Loveland area, for sure give this place a try. They had much more than sushi on their menu if you are not a sushi person.... not to mention the beautiful atmosphere, delicious food & reasonable prices....

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dmcgirl said...

Mmmm Sushi!!! I wish I loved close to that rest! Love your blog!