Friday, June 11, 2010

Walking Party Re-Cap

Last weekend we had a day drinking party to celebrate my new ability to walk again. I wanted to have a party that would include lots of activities and really celebrate the ability to walk.... Here is the day in pictures...
It rained (hard) right when the party was about to start and I thought we were in for a disastrous day...but the rain cleared out and the sun came out...and the day drinking commenced.

People hung out and chatted
There were multiple tournaments going on (a cornhole tourney, bocce tourney, PIG tourney, etc)
I came sooo close to winning the cornhole tournament

But unfortunately the prize went to someone else.....

Dork immediately put the check in his money clip.

That's a lotta lettuce!

Then of course there was some late night drinking games..
This is some serious beer pong:

Followed by flipcup...

And then fun with sidewalk chalk
Truer words have never been written......

First summer party= success.
walking= not as much as a success....but for this post.. let's just focus on the positive :)


Emily said...

okay, first of all, Did Dork and Angie really win 10,000 dollars from the National Association of day drinking? That IS a lotta lettuce!! Second of all, I love your use of the term "that's a lotta lettuce." What else did that crazy gameshow host say?

Jen Lilley said...

I was really hoping someone would get that reference...and I was pretty sure my only chance was you or Allison. Hilarious.

Would you like to brush my teeth? I mean.... would you like to make a guess?