Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sugar Crutches? Anyone?

So my Physical Therapist, Jason, is either really going to miss me or really be happy when I'm gone (which won't be for a while...but I'm thinking ahead). I ask ten million questions, such as "how much dancing is too much non weight bearing crutch dancing at a wedding?" and the answers are usually, "please be careful"....mostly because they know the answer, "none" isn't going to get them very far..
Anyhow...whenever my "final" therapy actually gets scheduled (still not sure when that will be) I wanted to make some fancy cupcakes for the office....and thought..sugar crutches on top would be the perfect little topping, as a celebration of them helping me finally get off the 7 week torture sticks. I have scoured the internet and I can not find any sugar crutches.

Here is a clip art mock up of what these fabulous cupcakes could look like:

I am cracking up at the ridiculous clipart...but you get the idea.... If anyone has an idea of where I could get cupcake topping crutches.... please let me know!


Emily said...

you are so cute.. those will be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Although I don't know of any candy shaped like crutches, I do know of candy for your crutches...I know sounds weird, but it is a decorative full-wrap decal specifically for crutches, the pattern is "Sweets" and it has pictures of candy, cake and other goodies. Here is a link, it is by a company called Blingtogo.

Hope this cheers you up! Get well soon :)

Frances G. Turner said...

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