Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Restaurant Review- RuThai's Thai Kitchen

While some people like BYOB's because they keep the cost of dinner low (me), others like it because they can bring whatever wine they want and not be limited to the wine list they might have at the restaurant (Rob's Parents). On Saturday night Rob's dad grabbed a fantastic bottle of wine from a secret fancy wine room at HP Kroger that I didnt even know existed (and I practically live at HP Kroger) and we headed to RuThai's for some Sushi and Thai food.

I was a little late taking the pictures but you get the idea. The pieces of sushi were big and really good. The restaurant is small and quaint and they take reservations! can either sit at a regular table with chairs or sit at tables that allow you to sit basically on pillows on the floor...very cute and festive...

After eating all the sushi, sashimi and rolls we could handle...we ordered a green curry dish to split among the four of us. Emerald Curry: Authentic Thai green curry, green bean, bell pepper, eggplant and bamboo shoot in coconut milk... we ordered it medium because we didnt have all spicy lovers at our table and it was really good....had just enough kick.

All in all this place is just great. Clean, cute, delicious and in a great neighborhood for walking it off for a little bit afterwards...which we did.. mmm

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