Monday, June 7, 2010

Restaurant Review- Lavomatic

I was excited to finally try Lavomatic. My friend Krista is moving downtown and asked if I wanted to have dinner and look at some downtown apartments with her... I said yes please and we headed to the Gateway Quarter. She was running late so I checked out the little shop next door which was super cute and chatted with the girl that was working and loved on her little dog for a while until Krista showed up, and then we headed to the rooftop deck for dinner with a Groupon in hand!. I ordered a glass of $5 house white wine and enjoyed the atmosphere:

Our waitress told us about some appetizers that werent on the menu and we ordered one of those... It was this ooey mozzarella with pesto on top that you could smear on this bread. It was pretty good, but a little big for two people... unfortunately when we got the bill, it was $14..... it was a special and no other appetizer on the menu was over $8ish, so we kind of felt liek she should have mentioned it was almost double that.... but it was tasty with the wine.

Krista and I ordered two sandwiches and gave eachother favorite way to eat.
The first sandwich was: BBQ Chicken with Candied Bacon and Gruyere Cheese

I have to say the bread to chicken ratio for me was way off. I even took the top piece of bread off and still thought there was too much bread vs. was tasty but nothing miraculous. The bbq sauce was good, but the chicken was a little dry.
The other half sandwich I got was: Double Decker- smoked turkey, gruyere cheese, aioli.

It was good. The turkey tasted fresh and it was an all around good turkey sandwich...

Each salad came with a side of mixed greens, which were, for me, totally under dressed. Krista paid $2 extra to add fries to her sandwich and we got these delicious little guys which were yummy.

All and all Lavomatic was fine. It didnt blow me away like I was expecting it to.... but I would probably go back mostly because I really did enjoy the atmosphere a lot...

After looking at a couple of downtown condos with Krista we stopped for a beer at Neons on the outdoor patio, where I'm pretty sure some kind of gay pride night was being celebrated. The patio is big and fun...the beer was cold and there was a killer buffet set up near the pool table..... Can't wait to spend more time at this bar now that Krista will be living downtown!

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