Friday, May 21, 2010

Restaurant Review- Mayberry

So I am probably the last food blogger in the Greater Cincinnati area that has eaten at Mayberry...but cut me some slack...I've been on crutches for 5.5 weeks!

Anyway...I finally made it there and brought Rob and Wall along for the ride....

At lunch time you can get gourmet burgers and other lunch fare, but for dinner the menu totally changes to my favorite kind of menu ever... "small plates" which encourages sharing & getting to try a little of everything. Also the small plates come one at a time and nice and slowly, giving you ample time to try things, chat about them and just enjoy being at dinner with your friends. Oh, also it's a byo....can you say add Mayberry very close to the top of list of favorite restaurants in the city...

You can get small plates for $10 each or get 3 small plates per person for $25. There are also sides and desserts and it's my understanding that the menu changes pretty regularly... awesome. Rob and I decided to split 4 small plates between the 2 of us.

The place is tiny and has one very friendly and loyal waitress who knows and loves the menus (who doesnt love a waitress like that?!)....

Here are a couple of shots of the decor..look at that maximization of space...the side we were on had real tables as opposed to the trendy counter tables... love the black and white theme and the Cincy themed artwork :)

Our first course was:

Herbed flat bread with pork belly, gorgonzola, pepperdew peppers and house made bbq sauce

yumyumyumyumyum. The gorgonzola, the smokey bbq sauce and then every once in a while you get a bite of that rich pork belly. Everyone loved this...

Next up:
Chilled zucchini & roasted garlic soup with butter poached shrimp,
and lemon avocado creme fraiche.

I love a good chilled soup. It was light and refreshing and I loved the texture. Also the shrimp was cooked perfectly.... yum. get this.

Course 3: Ahi tuna with Israeli Couscous, crispy okra & citrus pablano reduction

Very tasty. Especially loved the couscous.

Course 4:
Grilled bistro chateau with black eyed peas, country ham, pole peans and red wine demi

I had never heard of this cut of meat and even googled it to try to describe what it was, and couldnt find anything....but it was cooked perfectly and had a great sauce.. so I guess in the end I don't really care about what it is.

Basically if you're like me and have waited this long to get to Mayberry...don't wait any longer.

Grab a great bottle of wine from the wine shop across the street and get there! (and if you go might run into us :)

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