Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Proud of the Piggies

This weekend was the flying pig marathon and the culmination of training for Rob and the rest of our friends for the past couple of months.. Saturday afternoon we hit up Olive Garden for a carbfest for the runners (don't judge...we literally called every Italian joint in the city and everyone was filled up- guess everyone had the same idea...next year when I have two good legs... I'm cookin!)

Anywhoo... after (an early) dinner, a couple of us headed back to our place for a movie and an early bedtime to be up and at 'em bright and early the next day for the race. We woke up Saturday morning to the house flashing with lightening, loud bursts of thunder and monsooning rain....great day for a run! Rob was out of the house around 5:30am and I turned over and wished for the rain to stop before it was time for us to leave...
My Dad arrived at 6:45am to pick up me, my sister (who had come down from Athens for the weekend to support Rob) and Suzi and we headed to mile marker 6 in the rain to support our piggies!

Here is a shot of some soaking wet runners right around mile marker 6:

And me with my camping chair and crutches...

Dad was all smiles even though it was 7am and pouring :)


The best part of our spot was that we were at mile 6 and then all we had to do was turn around and walk a few steps and then we were at mile 11(ish) so we didnt have to walk far to be able to see them twice. We got a shot of my two favorite runners on their way to the final couple of miles... soaking wet, but happy to be almost done!

I cant believe in all these years I've never gone and watched this! It was so fun to even cheer for strangers, bc you could really see how appreciative everyone was for the support! I'm excited to go next year when the sun is shining (fingers crossed) and I can walk!
SO PROUD of all of the half & full marathon runners!! Great job!!

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Andrea said...

As someone who's run a couple of races in her day, I can definitely agree that having people cheer you on - even strangers - is what keeps you going. The miles where there are no spectators are BY FAR the longest on the course. Way to go out and be supportive!! Congrats to Rob for finishing! :)