Saturday, April 24, 2010

Restaurant Review- Shaan Indian

A little part of me felt like I was cheating on my beloved Dusmesh, but when I read good things about the new Indian restaurant right down the street from my house on a fellow food blogger's blog, Rob decided we had to try it. He made a quick phone call to make an exciting discovery that it's a BYOB (it is! yay!) and we had dinner plans figured out...

First we made a quick stop to Oakley Wines, which is walking distance (but unfortunately not crutching distance) from our house to do a $5 wine tasting. Last night was 3 whites, 3 reds and a port...along with apps (cheese from Findlay, fresh olive tapenade and other yummy bites)- we chose a bottle of red from the tasting that was on sale and headed over to Shaan for dinner.

The man who seated us, who I assume is the owner but I have no idea was funny and nice and seemed to know almost everyone that came in the door.
We started off our meal with an appetizer of Paneer Papadi Chat (A tangy sweet blend of paneer potatoes, papadies and a touch of yogurt with black indian salt served chilled)- whoops! forgot to get a pic...but this app was huge!
And a glass of the bottle of wine we picked up from Oakley Wines...
I was not a huge fan of this appetizer. We usually order this at Dusmesh and I like it better... But I did like the raw onion and homemade cheese in it...but it was just alittle dry for my taste.. I also wanted to save as much room as I could for the main course, Lamb Saag & Garlic Naan:

The lamb was tender and delicious and the sauce wasnt overly cream based. The naan was soft and garlicy and pretty much perfect.

The service was great, the atmosphere was fine, the food was delicious and it's a byo... we will most definitely be back.

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Cincinnati Bites said...

Completely agree about Dusmesh --what a place! We really like Shaan also.

I like your use of the abbreviation "app" for appetizer. Dinner: there's an app for that. ;)