Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Restaurant Review- The Rookwood

The Rookwood has been many things in its life. Obviously a place that produced amazing, historic pottery at one point...but more recently a chain of restaurants including Rookwood Pottery, Porkopolis...and currently, "The Rookwood."

The building is cool...you can eat in an old kiln and just see the history throughout the building. Also the view from the parking lot is to die for... When I lived in Mt Adams I would walk Maggie to the parking lot and just sit on the wall staring over the edge at the view...very peaceful place...

But onto the food...
We went for lunch the other day...

Nancy and I each got a cup of soup and split a grilled cheese sandwich

Butternut squash soup

French Onion Soup

Do you LOVE the little teacups these soups come in? Because I certainly do...so pretty!

This is the grilled cheese with white cheddar, fontina and gruyere...love all the cheeses, but for me, a little bready... I have had the apple & brie sandwich before (pressed with brie, sliced apple, dijon, red onion marmalade)- and liked that better.. a little less dry....but both are very yum!

The fries are good, but make sure you ask for a side of the fry sauce to make them even better! yumyumyumyum..

Kathie had a burger with their house chips and loves anywhere where they will make your burger medium rare...which annoyingly a lot of places refuse to do...

This was the Erkenbrecher Burger- smoked bacon, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, fry sauce

Here are some more pics of the restaurant courtesy my photog nancy :)

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Nancy said...

I love the atmosphere, including the bottled water. I should have taken a photo of that. I agree, the grilled cheese could use some improvement but the soup and fries were delish. I love being your assistant photog. Get back soon so we can share some more fun lunches. Miss you!