Monday, April 26, 2010

Restaurant Review- Mokka

I headed to Mokka last weekend with 5 friends (so there were 6 of us total) for brunch. Sadly I am not always a huge brunch fan. If it's breakfast time, I want something small like cereal or oatmeal... otherwise..I just want lunch. A large part of that is my extreme distaste for scrambled eggs and sweets for breakfast. PRetty much the best brunch choices are omlettes or other dishes that include scrambled eggs (breakfast burritos, etc) or waffles, french toast, donuts, etc (tooo sweet). So I was pretty excited to see things on the menu that made you feel like you were getting the best of both worlds!

I had a quesadilla with a friend egg on top. It was filled with lots of cheese and bacon and still had sour cream and salsa for dipping... very yummy!
Rob got a Goetta grilled cheese with waffle fries.. He absolutely loved it and the waffle fries, that I stole from any plate I could, were also crispy and flavorful.

I will say the wait was ridiculous. We waited a solid 30+ minutes for our food... I didnt really mind, because we were there to hang out with eachother and not in any hurry...but some people in our party who were a little hungrier than me, might disagree. Also, after reading a couple of other reviews on Mokka, it doesnt look like the long wait was a one time thing.

Overall I liked the creative menu and the fact that it was nonsmoking even though it was in I would recommend...unless you are in a hurry..

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