Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A few random pics

Let me just tell you I am HIGHLY annoyed that I didnt get any shots of my ENTIRE family over for Easter Sunday. We had over 35 people over in our new house and the most gorgeous day you could have ever asked for. At one point I looked out and saw kids playing basketball, adults playing cornhole, two people tossing a football and people sitting around the multiple seating areas I had set up :) Rob was a whiz on the grill, grilling up burgers and dawgs for everyone and we had enough sides and desserts to feed a small army....and yet no pictures... except this one of the pretty veggie tray I whipped up before people even showed up. Grrrrr.

And here is a shot of Rob giving our lawn its first trim with our shiny new mower that we bought last week. Maggie just followed the mower around not being sure if she should bark at it or run away...

Rob's parents send us some pretty tulips that were the perfect Easter decor.

Hope everyone had as great of an Easter as we did! And here's hoping to more of this dreamy wonderful weather!!

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