Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tellers Beer Dinner

I took Rob to a Beer Dinner at Teller's for his birthday last week. It couldn't have been more perfect on both the timing and location. It was held ON his actual birthday and at a restaurant right down the street. yay!

Let me first tell you a little first about the concept of the dinner.

Tellers has beer dinners about once a month. A beer distributor comes and talks about the beer and Tellers makes special dishes to match each beer. I have to say, I've never really had beer paired with food before and was wondering how it would was really really good, and educational and fun!

The beer for this tasting was dogfish head which is a small microbrewery in Delaware (look.... I'm in...Delaware...).. with some seriously tasty beer. When we got there, there were 3 large tables set up with name tags on them. This was one of the coolest parts of the dinner, we sat at a table in the middle of an older couple and on the other side a Dad with his son who was our age. We chatted with both duos easily all night and I think that really added to the fun. It also, however, distracted from my picture taking of all the courses... I felt silly taking pics with them at the table... not even sure why... I should have just explained the food blog...but oh well.

Lucky for me CityBeat was there to take some pics of the event:

It was a five course meal with a small tasting glass of beer with every course.
Let's just go through the courses....sorry again for the lack of pictures!

English Cheddar and Prosciutto crostini with a balsamic drizzle..paired with the 60 minute IPA
The cheddar was sharp, the crostini was crunchy and it was simple and exactly as you wanted it to be....and the IPA paired with it was a perfect starter.

Red Curried Coconut soup paired with Midas Touch.
I do not like coconut...I was not looking forward to this was the best dish of the whole night, in my opinion.... it was spicy and creamy and if it was an actual dish on their regular menu I would want it on every cold day of the winter. I need to figure out how to make this recipe at much for hating coconut!

Spinach Salad topped with sliced red onion and drizzled with pancetta vinaigrette paired with indian brown ale... even though this is where the beer started getting a little darker, I really liked this one, I was very suprised...

Next was a roulade of tenderloin with cracked pepper crust, shrimp mousellinie and red pepper demi-glace paired with palo santo marron... this is where they started to lose me on the beer... a little dark for my taste...but the tenderloin was a wonderful medium rare and I love a cracked pepper crust...

Finally for dessert we had a chocolate pana cotta with candied orange paired with a chicory stout... again, the beer was a little dark for me, but Rob happily drank his and what was left of mine....and the pana cotta was absolutely.Perfect.

We also got to taste a few other beers from the dogfish head collection (red and white was my favorite!!) and learn so much about the brewery...

All in all it was SUCh a great time...and all this for $35/person plus gratuity.. totally worth it...ESPECIALLY for such a special occasion :)

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Andrea said...

I LOVE Dogfishead! A friend of mine in Chicago introduced me to it. I really like the chicory stout and I'm not as much an IPA fan - but apparently the 90-minute IPA is even better than the 60-minute (if you're able to get your hands on it). I also like their Raison D'Etre & Indian Brown Ale. This dinner sounds like it was ahhh-mazing!

Emily said...

Glad to hear Rob had a good birthday! I also like the Wayne's World reference :)

Jen Lilley said...

Hahaha so glad someone picked up on that Emily :)