Sunday, February 28, 2010

Restaurant Review- Suzie Wong's

I've been dying to eat at Suzie Wong's and last night we finally got around to going. Also, any regular readers of this blog knows how I feel about BYOBs and this is one (for now)...word around the street is that they have applied for their liquor license...but there is still some time to enjoy the current byo status :) They do charge a $5 corkage fee, though.

Suzie Wong's is located where Seny used to be on Madison Road. It's a neat location.. a small(ish) place with big windows and dark red walls...very cozy. The wait staff is friendly & knowledgeable and I really like their wine glasses....which sounds silly, but it's kind of a big deal to me. I hate when you go to restaurants and they have awful wine glasses... but I digress...on to the food!

We ordered Crab Rangoon for an appetizer...maybe a little boring, but I don't care... I'm slightly obsessed. It was really really good. Hot, creamy and you could actually taste the crab, unlike a lot of places. Very good.

For dinner Rob knew what he wanted before we even got there and saw the menu...apparantly he had been reading about this dish around the food blogosphere and was really excited to get it...
Bi Bim Bap
Rice topped with beef, sprouts, spinach and fried egg served in a steaming hot clay pot, laccompanied with spicy red soy bean paste

He poked the fried egg and the yolk mixed in with the rest of the could add as much or as little of the spicy red soy bean paste as you wanted depending on how spicy you want it. He couldnt stop talking about how tender the beef was... it was a really flavorful dish...and who doesnt love somethin served in a "steaming hot clay pot"

My dinner:

Malaysian Chicken in a Claypot
Chicken breast, sweet onion, green and red peppers, seasonal vegetables sauteed in a Malaysian yellow curry served in a country clay pot.

I asked our waitress if she had a suggestion and this came out of her mouth before I even finished asking the question.... sounded delicious to me too so I went for it. I've mentioned before that I thought I hated coconute milk until about a month ago at Rob's Birthday Dinner at Tellers when I discovered maybe I don't hate it...since then we have made a homemade red curry with (low fat) coconut milk, and now I ordered this...which was seriously delicious. So apparantly I actually love coconut milk...who knew? Anyway...this was just delicious...the complexity of the curry was something I hadn't tasted before. It was spicy and rich and I loved the way the brown rice soaked up the sauce after stirring it in. The chicken was also cooked perfectly...and again..who doesn't love a unique presentation.

Suzie Wong's...we certainly hope you're here to stay...we will definitely be back.

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