Thursday, February 11, 2010

Restaurant Review- Nada

In an earlier post I promised a restaurant review on Nada... so here goes!

First of all how can you not love the location...right next to the aronaff, in the middle of downtown with huge floor to ceiling windows...makes you feel swanky the second yo walk in...

Constantly what I hear about is the mac and cheese, so since it was my birthday I insisted that we get that as a starter.... gooood choice. Creamy and spicy with huge shells and a crunchy topping...straight from the oven in a piping hot pot. Pure heaven....

For dinner Rob had the mahi mahi tacos. Fried baja style with guacamole and pico de gallo. He loved the batter on the fish and the creamy guacamole.

I have been on a new kick where I give the waiter a couple of options and make them tell me whats the best... he said both and let me make my tacos a little combo platter...

I had two beef shortrib tacos and one pork belly tacos... They were both delicious but the pork belly was so rich...a couple of bites to get the flavor was enough. I had a lot leftover... We decided next time if we got tacos we would definitely split them with a salad on the side...because it was just a little too much meat for me..but the flavor was just delicious...I would also love to try some of the other things on the menus...especially some of their soups...

After dinner the waiter brought a huge plate of fried dough type things for my birthday... Probably enough on the plate for a party of 10...but very yummy...

In conclusion, it was a little pricey, in my opinion, for tacos... next time I think I would go for the drinks and a few appetizers with a group rather than the $16 tacos. But it's definitely a place I'm looking forward to going back to.

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Lindsey said...

I went to Nada for my birthday last year! Delicious.
And the fried dough bits at the end were the perfect finish.
Did you try one (or two) of the grapefruit margarita? YUM!