Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Day of (Discounted) Luxury

Friday we had pretty much the best day ever. And all at discount prices...
let me tell you how.
In the morning we had an Ashiatsu massage at Affinity Massage. The owner Mary Claire, was amazing and I would recommend anyone to go to her. Ashiatsu message is a massage performed totally with her feet!...but you would never know... it was honestly the best massage I have ever had. We got this deal through Groupon which you can sign up for online and they will send you a really good coupon everyday (that massage was something like 61% off) crazy!

Afterwards we went to Bacall's for lunch since we were up in that discount prices...but restaurant review to come soon :)

After that I got my haircut at Tanya's in Hyde Park Square. Apparantly when you buy a house people LOVE to send you coupons for free stuff...including a packet of really great coupons from all kinds of local businesses....and one of them was a free cut and style from this nice upscale salon...sounds good to me! Arm and hand massage while you wash my hair? um..yes please!
Afterwards was a pre-dinner treat at one of my favorite places in Cincinnati, Yagoot! Being a "yagroopie" (aka being on yagoot's mailing list) usually gets you some getting to try a new flavor for free! The new flavor (banana) was totally delish. Tangy like the original with a slight banana flavor....Rob got granola and I got the special V-day topping...shaved strawberry and chocolate crunchies....both were very good topping choices.

Finally it was time for dinner and we had a $100 gift card to Mortons (cashed in a few credit card points)....Mortons is running a special right now that is a total steal.
For $99 for two people you get:
  • Two Salads
  • Two single cut filets with your choice of seafood: I got bacon wrapped scallops but took off the bacon (totally didnt need it!) and Rob got "colossal shrimp alexander"...
  • We also got two sides and if you've been to mortons you understand the size of these sides...we got mashed potatoes and asparagus to share
  • Then TWO desserts...creme Brule and Hot Chocolate Cake

of course with a bottle of wine, tip and a couple of cups of coffee, we paid above the $99, but still..what a great deal! And a table overlooking lit up fountain square at night..

anyway..that is the story of our day of discounted luxury...hope you enjoyed :)


Anonymous said...

is that rob on the table?

Jen Lilley said...

haha no, just a random pic from google images.

Krista said...

You got a massage by someone's feet??? And it wasn't weird??? I'll have to talk to you more when I see you next. How interesting!

Lindsey said...

i went to yagoot for the banana this weekend, and got the yomance topping as well, along with fresh strawberries.
wowser was it good. i think banana is the best flavor yet.
hope it sticks around for a good long while.

Jen Lilley said...

me too. sooooo good.