Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear HP UA,

Dear Hyde Park Urban Active,

Please do at least one (preferably more than one) of the following:
  1. Buy more equipment
  2. Fix the equipment you already have, or at the very least put a sign on the broken ones. I got set up on 3 broken elipticals in a row last night before having to stalk girls by looking at their remaining time and just standing behind them waiting for them to finish.
  3. Maybe some of the enormous staff of sales people you have who are constantly selling additional membership to an already over capacity gym, could learn how to fix broken equipment instead.....and take a little break from overselling the place.

Members of Hyde Park Urban Active:

  • If you know the machine next to you is broken and you see someone get on it, mention the fact that it's broken before watching them set up their headphones and ipod, find a good station on the tv, etc... a quick "I think that one's broken" will suffice.

ok. rant over... for now..


Brooke said...

AGREE. I also wish they'd pick better movies for the cardio theater.

Emily Malone said...

GO TO BELLEVUE! Casey and I lived within a 5 minute walk to HP, and we still drove to Bellevue - it is worth it! The machines are much better and the gym is MUCH bigger.

Wow - definitely don't miss the HP gym! Love your fitness challenge though - keep it up! :)

Andrea said...

UGH. Worst gym etiquette ever is not telling the person next to you that the machine is broken!

That being said - it's also annoying to be that person on the next machine who has to tell person after person that the machine is broken. Totally the gym's duty to post a sign.

Hope the over-crowding dies down soon. Makes me realize how much I DON'T miss X-Sport in Chicago!!

Tracy said...

I left my gym due to broken things and overcrowding! Keep working out!

Meg said...

have i mentioned how empty the MBC gym is? and how i always get my machines immediately.. and how frickin tough Brian's body pump class is? Just saying... for awhile you guys had me thinking about UA so i could get the weekend gym workouts, guess not!