Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's Cookin

A few more things that have been cookin in our kitchen lately:

When Rob got home from California, we had our own special Christmas complete with a Christmas Movie (Love Actually), present exchanging and a delicious dinner. We had Filets with roasted Brussel Sprouts, sauteed mushrooms and mashed potatoes... mmmmm

A couple of nights later we had Wall over for a mexican dinner. I knew the avocados weren't going to be 100% but I just love guac with Mexican food so I whipped some up anyway... the avocados didn't have as much flavor as usual, being totally out of season, but it was still pretty good.

I also marinated some flank steak in some lime juice, olive oil, cumin, jalapeno and cilantro for about an hour before searing it for three minutes on each side until it was medium rare in the middle. I cut it against the grain and grilled up some onions and peppers in its pan drippings. Grilled up some corn and warmed up a can of fat free refried beans and dinner was served :)

New Years Day we made the traditional Pork and Sauerkraut and decided to try it in the crockpot this year. Sauerkraut, garlic, caraway seeds and a pork tenderloin in the crockpot for about 5 hours and whipped up some mashed potatoes to go along side and had a delicious New Years Day Dinner. The pork fell apart just by poking it with your fork it was so tender and flavorful.. sometimes I forget how much I love my crockpot!!

The next night we were looking for something easy so we breaded some chicken....the pieces shown in this pic is a half a breast together...about 4 oz total- pounding chicken as thin as you can is a really smart dieting trick.. makes you feel like you're eating way more than you actually are! I know it seems like we eat tons of mashed potatoes but to be fair this is the leftovers from last night and I was just too lazy to make a new side....plus we bought like a 5lb bag of potatoes which is probably not smart..but they're so cheap!

There are a few things that have been cookin up in our kitchen!
Tonight is my first night back to the gym (in waaaay too long)- to work off all of this delicious holiday food.


Lindsey said...

my family has pork, sauerkraut, cabbage and potato dumplings that weight about 5 lbs each every new year's day for good luck.
hope your meal brings you lots of it in the new year!

Andrea said...

I'm jealous of your love of cooking. I really wish that I could find that same desire deep inside myself. Instead, I leave the cooking to Jason -- I've decided he makes things taste better than I do. :-P