Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!...and it was a really great one!
I got home from work with cards in the mailbox (always love that!!) and a box on the doorstep…that turned out to be this sweet contraption from my loves in Chicago. Obviously I was excited about it as I immediately opened it and stuffed some cilantro from my fridge into it… it's supposed to keep your herbs fresh much longer......we left some out in the bag it came in too…so look for comparisons soon to see if this little guy works! Thanks girls!!

After that it was time to get dressed and go to dinner and see a show!
Rob took me to Nada (restaurant review coming soon)- we asked a random guy to take our picture- seriously, worst picture taker ever….

But dinner was fun and delicious..and the mac and cheese appetizer was to die for. I can’t wait to try and re-create it at home!!

After dinner we walked next door to the Aronoff where Rob had scored us some amazing seats to Spring Awakening!!! (you all better appreciate this pic because I got in trouble for taking it!)

The music was awesome and the show was very racy…which made it even more fun. Seriously…boobs/butts/masturbation/the f bomb….all in a musical stage show… everyone should at least listen to the awesome soundtrack where Lea Michele is Wendla… (LOVE her)

When I got home from dinner and the show this was sitting in my kitchen:

Which will eventually be built into this:
Thanks Dad!! I can’t wait to spend cool nights sitting around this pretty fire pit with friends….

All in all it was (obviously) an awesome day…
Thanks to everyone that made it special!!!

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StandingH20 said...

love the herb "keeper" - that was the gift I gave at my family's white elephant gift exchange. I can't wait to see how it compares to herbs kept in a plastic bag. Glad to see that you had a great evening - you deserve it! Happy Birthday (again)!