Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Delicious Life

Hi Friends-

Random Ramblings is changing its name! Following in the footsteps of other blogs I read that started blogging about one thing and then moved to another topic, therefore changing the look and/or name of their blog (Emily/Lauren), I started blogging about nothing and then (kind of) about something….so with you I present:

A Delicious Life.

I love comments so please let me know what you think about the new name/header!
More to come.....



StandingH20 said...

Love the new look! I hope to share many more lunches and photos with you in 2010. Great job Jen!

Emily Malone said...

i LOVE it! and i have loved blogging so much more with a new name and focus. so great!

haha for some reason i am still MMM in your sidebar though! guess i need to figure out how to update the reader profile name?

Jen Lilley said...

Hey Em- I just went in and fixed it... I wonder if mine will update automatically??

Any pointers are why isnt my header centered? haha

Andrea said...

Jen, I love it! Granted, I was a little confused when I first logged into my blog and saw the updates at "A Delicious Life" under my blogs I was following -- but I quickly realized that you'd given your site a facelift. :) I look forward to reading much more about your foodie adventures to come! :)