Monday, December 21, 2009

What's been cookin

It's been forever since I've shared a what's been cookin in my own kitchen and I have lots of pictures saved on my camera to share with you! I've been spending the day cleaning up my camera and decided it was time to post a few pics! This post is making me hunnngrry

3 of my favorite foods on one plate:

Chicken Piccatta with Olives, Baked sweet potato fries with a garlic lemon Aoli and steamed broccoli. yummm.

I love love the combination of the sweet potato fries and the sour garlicy aoli. This has really become one of my favorite sides to make and eat. We make the aoli with whatever we have leftover from whatever else we've made that week. We've tried rosemary aoli, basil aoli and of course this staple...delicious.

Tyler's Ultimate version of Beef Stroganoff.

I need to start getting my meat like this at the butcher instead of Kroger. It was very very very fatty....but the flavor was delicious. On weekend nights, I love to make things that cook away in the oven for hours on end and makes the house warm and filled with delicious smells while I wait with a glass of wine patiently for it to be done. It's one of the only things I like about cold weather outside actually is the excuse to make things like this.

Healthy Taco Salad-
When you're in the mood to eat healthy but feel like you're not, this dish is pretty perfect. Sauteed chicken and onions with some taco spices....on a bed of lettuce, topped with salsa, fat free sour cream, olives and some crumbled baked tostitos.... taco salad heaven!!

That's all for today....but I have more pics to soon!

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